viernes, septiembre 26, 2008

User Centred Applications

Here you have the slides of our talk in the NGMAST last week.

Luis was speaking about applications and technologies focused in the user. He reviewed what Web 2.0 is and the implications for the companies. Web 2.0 converts the user in the centre of this new universe where he or she has the decision in the success of product or services.

He commented about IMS and the initial wrong strategy to pretend to control Internet with IMS.

He explained those called Mobile Web 2.0 technologies as AJAX, Android, Carbon/Cocoa, Widgets, etc

And finally he spoke about new business models defined by Telco 2.0 and Teleco 2.0.

Apart of this speech, Luis participated in a panel expert about IMS/SDP killer applications and killer environments where he was explaining what WIMS 2.0 initiative is.